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About Us

Your Transportation Arm​

In the world of transportation companies, we strive to be your transportation arm. We believe a well orchestrated symphony is the key to any business success.

As such we have grown by leaps and bounds to deliver a holistic yet tailor made solution to cater to your every transportation needs. Synergy Tap Sdn Bhd today offers a wide array of services from first and last mile transportation, freight forwarding, transportation and vehicle leasing and maintenance services. Our cross border and multi unit presence allows you to have a no frills transportation division at the lowest possible capex and yet deliver superior results. 

Our team of experts would be able to assist you further by hitting us up here. The next time you engage with us you can be rest assured our care and focus will be on one business – YOURS.


Provide our clients superior and hassle free transportation services, that they would not need to set up a transportation division ever again.


Deliver superior, low cost and excellent transportation services to our clients.

Our History

Started in 2014, took a huge risk venturing into the logistics industry with just one client. We decided to purchase 2 commercial vehicles. The brand became more well-known with all the marketing and we started to grow, year by year. Now we are serving more than 10 clients with a bigger and committed team. We believe every opportunity to serve comes together with a bigger responsibility which creates the brand image.

Our Clients


Why Choose Us?

Competitive Price

Wide Selection of Fleets

Personalised & Customised Services

Reliable & Flexible

Experienced and Enthusiastic staff

Strong Network